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As a kid and scribbling at the back of the notebooks, till finding treasures at dad’s store that’s how Tanya’s love for creating art and stationery begun. Creating new things and playing around with art & crafts was her escape during 3 years at studying business and later a get away from corporate job!

From studying business and dreaming to become an entrepreneur Tanya also wanted keep the creative aspect alive hence continued creating handmade cards, albums and explosion boxes for all occasions. Following this love for creating things and love for sharing happiness through supplies and stationery, Tanya started up creating products that everyone can afford even a school student. She always wanted to reach out to audience beyond her dad’s store and hence it came online. All the products that are handmade are made with a lot of love to make sure they bring smile on your face. Every product is designed to make sure everyone can relate to it and share smiles!

If you happen to visit East Delhi some day, stop by and meet us at our store!

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The journey of running an online store has been so beautiful, from managing all the obstacles in finding the right raw material to the affordable packing material to start with the business. From finding the right tool to sourcing the basic material, we have it all! If you are a small business owner, we have all your essentials in one place! The purpose is to provide all the packing essentials, raw material in the most afforable way! Let’s come together and keep creating value!

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